• Parents/Guardians seeking admission of their children are required to fill in the prescribed Registration Form and go through the admission formalities. No admission to Nursery Class will be done unless the child is 3½ years old as on 1st April of the year of Admission and a corresponding scale of ages for the subsequent classes.
  • A candidate should produce an official Date of Birth Certificate such as Municipal, Hospital or Baptismal Certificate (For Christians) in support of the date of birth entered in the admission form.
  • A candidate who has attended any school can not be admitted without a Transfer Certificate from the school last attended. If the candidate comes from the school outside the state of U.P. or recognition is doubtful the Transfer Certificate must be counter signed by the Education Officer of the District in which that school is situated.
  • Candidate applying for admission is tested for fitness to the class to which admission is sought.
  • The very condition to admission will be that the Parents/ Guardians will comply strictly with the Terms and Rules contained in this book and pay the tuition fees and all other charges laid down. Any future changes made regarding fees and other rules will also be binding on them.
  • Class XI Admission will not be automatic. It will be on the basis of marks obtained in the assessments of the Home Examination and the Board Exam for which criteria will be followed strictly and Good conduct of the students in the school and an interview with an undertaking from parents to co-operate with the school in the maintenance of discipline. The percentage of marks required for admission and the choice of the group will be decided by the Principal. Admission to outside candidates depends solely on the vacancy and merit.